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Red Light Therapy in Greenville

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy is a general term describing nerve damage to the extremities, such as hands and feet.

Sensation is often impaired, causing pain, affecting movement and, depending on the nerves involved, even gland and organ function.

You might experience signals of pain when there’s nothing causing pain. Or the condition might prevent a pain signal even if something is harming you. These symptoms can range from mildly annoying to painfully disabling. Thankfully, they are rarely life threatening.

Relief With Red Light Therapy

Ultimately, peripheral neuropathy is a circulation problem. The pain that patients experience in their hands and feet is often due to reduced blood circulation.

Chiropractic adjustment, along with increasing the oxygen supply to the extremities can produce dramatic results.

That’s the purpose of our red light therapy table. It looks like the tanning bed you might find at a spa. But that’s where the similarity ends.

How Red Light Therapy Works

While researchers are still trying to understand why red light therapy works, we’re just thankful that it does.

A typical treatment involves lying in the therapy bed for 25 minutes as the glow of 10,000 LED lights bathes your body in healing red light. This low-power red light is absorbed into the skin to the depth of about a quarter of an inch.

You don’t feel a thing. There’s no sound or heat. But something quite significant is happening:

  • Blood vessels are dilating
  • Blood circulation is increasing
  • New capillaries are forming
  • The oxygen capacity of your blood is improving
  • Wound healing and tissue repair is improving
  • You notice an increase in energy and vitality

Schedule Your Visit

Would red light therapy help you? Find out during a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Joe. By understanding your current symptoms he can determine if you’re a good candidate. We offer same day appointments. Give us a call and schedule yours. (712) 251-7346

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