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Meet Dr. Joe Hoomany

Chiropractor Mauldin, Dr. Joe Hoomany“I’m supposed to be retired,” smiles Dr. Joe. “But I found myself bored. I missed the rhythm of daily practice. I think it’s my nature to be is service to others. So, I’m back. Doing what I love.”

Dr. Joe launched the second half of his career here in Mauldin at Pure Light Chiropractic. He chose it because ours is a young town with athletic, health-oriented people.

When people first meet Dr. Joe they can immediately tell he’s deeply committed to helping others realize their health potential.

Dr. Joe is really passionate about health. Guess you could say he’s a bit of a health nut. That’s probably because it’s impossible to realize your dreams if you’re not healthy. Ultimately, being healthy is about self-respect, which requires self-discipline. The pull from old habits often holds us back.

Our Chiropractic Family!

A Family of Chiropractors

Maybe Dr. Joe was predestined to become a chiropractor. After all, he comes from a family that has produced more than 35 chiropractors among aunts, uncles and other relatives since the 1950s.

The chiropractic philosophy of natural, healthful living is in their bones.

Dr. Joe graduated from Life West Chiropractic College just south of San Francisco in 1995 and immediately began private practice.

One of the things I love most about being a chiropractor is unraveling the many different types of health issues we see. Thankfully, very few health problems are the result of medication shortage!


Outside of the Practice

You’ll often find Dr. Joe outside when he isn’t in the practice helping patients. If he isn’t running (over 40,000 miles at last count), bicycling or climbing up the side of a mountain, you’ll see him in the kitchen.

I love to cook. I’m partial to Italian recipes. I love the flavors. For me, it’s comfort food.”

If you’re looking for an experienced chiropractor who is a listener and encourager, arrange to meet Dr. Joe Hoomany. How about today?

Dr. Joe Hoomany | (712) 251-7346