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Chiropractic Care

Each of us is designed to function into our 80’s and beyond. If you’re not experiencing amazing health, it means something is interfering with it.

Since your nervous system controls and regulates every cell of your body, we first look for interference there.

The most vulnerable part of your nervous system is the part covered by the moving bones of your spine. We often find wayward spinal bones irritating or choking parts of the nervous system. This affects the organs and tissues controlled by those nerves.

Our focus is on reducing that interference and restoring your ability to live life to the full. We utilize red light therapy along with other chiropractic techniques and modalities:

Patients appreciate our low-force adjustments. Dr. Joe uses his hands to alleviate pain, stiffness and nerve interference. Repeated visits help retrain supporting muscles and ligaments. After symptoms resolve, some patients choose to continue their care on a less frequent schedule. Like brushing and flossing, they see the wisdom of maintaining their progress to avoid a relapse.

Because Dr. Joe is an active runner, diver, climber and bicyclist himself, he understands sports injuries. His firsthand experience offers helpful insights into the most common treatment and preventative strategies. Whether you’re into the adrenaline rush of extreme sports or prefer working in the garden, you need Dr. Joe on your side.

Recently, the popularity of Kinesio taping has boomed. Taping is often used to provide support, offer relief and to aid in the recovery of an injury. Dr. Joe uses techniques recommended by professional sports trainers and physical therapists. He regularly helps those with knee and ankle problems as well as those with shoulder, elbow and wrist issues.

Home Care Procedures

Chiropractic care is partnership. Your results are based on what Dr. Joe does on each visit—and what you do between visits. Expect him to provide you with specific stretching routines, rehabilitation exercises and other home care recommendations. Patients who faithfully embrace his suggestions report saving money and getting well faster.

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