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About Us

Our Unique Approach to Chiropractic Patient Care

Our patient care philosophy is pretty simple. We want to help people of Mauldin live healthier, more fruitful lives. We see far too many people whose zest for living has been cut short because of health issues.

Simply put, it’s hard to operate at a high level without your health. Which doesn’t come from medications. They merely treat symptoms. The key is to rely less on pills and more on the inborn ability of our body to function as it was designed.

In our relaxed, professional setting, we start by listening.

It seems this vital aspect of doctoring has fallen out of favor. In the haste to begin care, assumptions are made. Short cuts are taken. Patient preferences are overlooked or ignored.

Not here.

The foundation of our patient care is a deep respect for each patient’s concerns, wishes and health goals. This patient-centered approach has produced appreciative patients for almost three decades.


Mechanic’s Hand Function Restored

Our work with peripheral neuropathy patients often produces dramatic results. We helped an airline mechanic who was losing the use of his hands. He was desperate. His job was in jeopardy. Thankfully, we were able to help him. His transformation was quite profound. We see that a lot. Maybe we can help you.

With a clear understanding of your situation and concerns, we’ll explain what we think is possible. We’ll describe our treatment protocol, step by step.

Our patients appreciate this detail. That’s probably why they’re so committed. They have confidence. It’s no wonder they get better results.

Could our unique approach to patient care produce the relief you seek? Let’s find out. Call to arrange a no obligation consultation.

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